Pico 8|12 Dsp

Pico 8|12 Dsp


    • MOSCONI redefines power/size concept with the new PICO line.

“Designed to be as small as possible for a complete audio system, the Gladen Pico 8|12 offers impeccable control of input signals and includes a universal interface to connect with OEM head units. It boasts a 3×9 band parametric equaliser, the option to deal with any delays and differences in level (gain) on its inputs plus a flexible mixer for signal routing. The high-speed PWM stages process 96kHz/24-bit audio streams directly, with 12 channels of DSP feeding eight Class G/H amplifiers. As the first Mosconi Gladen device to work directly with the Gladen Aures in-car measuring system, it makes integration easier than ever. It provides automatic DSP setup and centre channel management, with mixing, straight summation or special algorithm matrix options all possible.”


Stereo power RMS @ 4 Ohm8 x 60 W (BTL not allowed)
Minimum allowed load3 Ohm in stereo mode
Power supply voltage10 – 16 V
Analog DSP processed output4 x 2 Vrms
Digital DSP processed output1 x 96kHz / 24bit
Low level & High level input4 x analog
Low level input sensitivity range2 Vrms
High level input sensitivity range10 Vrms
Low level input impedance>15k Ohm
High level input impedance600/47 Ohm
Low Level Ground ReferenceFull Floating / 47 Ohm
Autosense power-onHigh Level, BTL source only
Digital input 1Optical (Toslink)
Digital input 2CARD 1
Digital input 3CARD 2
Onboard DSP294.912 MHz – 64 bit
Onboard ADC96kHz/24bit SR – 107dB S/N
Onboard DAC96kHz/24bit SR – 106dB S/N
Remote control (optional)DSP-RCD / DSP-RC Mini
Overall efficiency>80%
Internal Fuse1 x 20 A
Size:150 x 115 x 46 mm
Weight:800 g

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  • Κατασκευαστής: Gladen Audio
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Pico 8|12 Dsp
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