Aerospece 165.3

Νέο Aerospece 165.3

Gladen Aerospace 165.3 3-way component system 16 cm

GLADEN Aerospace 165.3

16 cm 3-way system component


- 3-way system
- 20 mm tweeter (Aerospace 20)
- 80 mm Midrange plug phase (Aerospace 80)
Dust cap 165mm means Bass (Aerospace 165DC) -
- passive crossover (Aerospace 20/80)
- 3 ohm impedance
- absolute high-end systems
- GLADEN C7 high-tech membrane
- Zero Point technology
- optimized for the die-cast basket computer
- tweeter with coupling volume
- Nomex spider
made in Germany -

they brought attention to detail, perfection, and Henning Gladen music already in the 1990s to develop loudspeaker and crossover systems. In 1997 the GLADEN brand was launched. Today the aerospace engineer leads to GLADEN development technologies that are also used in the aerospace or automotive industry, such as FEM calculations. But even with many technical details GLADEN AUDIO accompanies its products in unusual and new ways, with a single goal: the perfect sound experience!
Only high-quality components are used for GLADEN loudspeakers, which are based on the highest standards. These include fiber or composite membranes, Nomex centering spiders, cast aluminum baskets and fabric tweeters. The strands are weighed and only high temperature resistant adhesives are used.


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  • Κατασκευαστής: Gladen Audio
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Aerospece 165.3
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • 1.899,00€
  • Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 1.531,45€